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Used JLG Telehandlers - Inventory Massachusetts top

Used JLG Telehandlers - Inventory Massachusetts

There are 3 kinds of commercial telehandlers provided by JLG Industries Inc. The JLG models, the SkyTrak brands and the Lull Telehandlers. These models feature 2-wheel and 4-wheel circle steering, all-wheel steering and 4-wheel crab steering in order to accomplish a wide range of maneuverability needs. Also, the Lull models offer a precision placement system. Whatever work you should do or no matter what your application or task, count on the 3 kinds of telehandlers in order to reach better performance heights.

JLG Telehandlers
Power, innovation and versatility, these are a few of the key features you could get from the JLG group of all-wheel-steer telehandlers. The company offers one compact unit and 5 full-size units to be able to help you accomplish any type of challenge in the jobsite. There is a centered cab offering better visibility, and a high-boom pivot. In addition, all the JLG telehandlers can be equipped with a variety of attachments. Choose JLG telehandlers to get more capacity, versatility and power.

Meet Your Tough Telehandler Lineup
The second you climb into a telehandler cab, your productivity for the day is on the line. JLG offers a lineup of all-wheel steer telehandlers to give you a lot more reliability, power and maneuverability. These units offer you the precision and maneuverability you have come to expect from a world-leading equipment manufacturer which has an outstanding reputation.

With load capacities ranging from 5500 pounds to 12,000 pounds, these units also offer lift heights of as much as 5 feet. All these models can handle any challenge in the jobsite with these particularly engineered telehandlers which are all capable of picking and placing. From framing to steel work applications, to commercial and residential jobs, JLG telehandlers could maneuver you easily around crowded areas in order to complete the job. Easier boom positioning is attained with the single joystick control. There are also different types of attachments to help you handle new lifting needs as they arise.

JLG telehandlers are a really effective machinery to help bring the job into reach. The best support, service and parts in the industry would back up your machine and help you keep production at its peak and reduce downtime. Day after day, job after job, your loads won't feel as heavy and your shift won't feel as long if you allow JLG to accomplish your heavy lifting tasks.

To know what would be suitable for your specific application, visit your local JLG dealer to check out the latest units.

JLG produced the 450A model to have a lifting capability of 500 lbs in Massachusetts. With an articulating boom that extends out 450 ft and a diesel and propane powered engine, this model can be...

The lifting ability of the JLG 1350SJP in Massachusetts is 500 pounds. Some of the other notable features of the 1350SJP are: 135 ft lifting height, a straight boom, and a diesel engine.

The G10-55A model built by the company JLG is a four wheel drive lift truck in Massachusetts. This version has a diesel powered engine and has the capability to lift a maximum weight of 10000...

The JLG E400A in Massachusetts is ideally suited for a wide variety of tasks. The E400A is two wheel and four wheel drive with an articulating boom that allows for a lifting height of 40...

The lifting ability of the JLG 800AJ in Massachusetts is 500 lbs. Some of the other notable features of the 800AJ are: 80 ft lifting height, an articulating boom, and a diesel and propane engine.

The lifting ability of the 1200SJP from JLG in Massachusetts is 500 pounds. The 1200SJP model contains a diesel powered engine and a straight boom that stretches out to 120 feet.
JLG Articulated Boom Lift
To be able to help get the task done efficiently and productively, JLG offers a strong RT series which features larger platforms and better lift capacities. The RT Series can be put to work for...
JLG Zoom Boom
To handle all of your rough terrain difficulties, JLG provides the 400 Series and its fastest drive and lift speeds in its class which will ensure a boost in production. You could get as much...
JLG Knuckle Boom Lift
Turn the Corner on Productivity JLG's E Series boom lifts are environmentally friendly machinery which also provide industry leading performance. To best meet your particular work environment, you could pick among 3 platform heights and...
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